Introducing the world’s first voice assistant video editor — IVA.

Your personal AI to create videos without lifting a finger!

by InVideo
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The more you create, the faster IVA learns.

Your video creation needs, likes, dislikes, and other requirements you may have — IVA is understanding you better.

IVA's intelligence consists of 2m+ user data on video creation that includes more than 10m+ use cases, 10k font style choices, 10 platform preferences, proficiency calculations, targets compiling into thousands of lines of code constantly updating with every action of yours, to make your experience smoother and faster than ever.

IVA is ready. She’s here to be your best partner-in-video!

Explore how IVA can change your video editing journey.

Observing data from 1m+ videos, and speaking to users from 190 countries later, IVA will constantly learn from you and grow with you. She’s smart, quick and helpful!

Take a look at what’s in store for you.

IVA crafts your videos to perfection.

Have a video idea in mind? IVA will bring it to life. IVA’s skilled machine-learning algorithms and neural networking helps her help you better.

IVA will find the best audio for your video. Just ask her.

Say “Hey IVA, find me the best audio track for this promo video”, and your work is done. Yes, as simple as that.

IVA masters your video needs.

Your favourite fonts, alignment styles, font colours and all your preferences. Tell IVA once, and she’ll remember it forever.

IVA helps you choose the best templates.

Making a brand intro? A listicle video? A promo? Let IVA know and she’ll pick the perfect match for you.

From ads to presentations to festival videos, IVA has you covered.

Choose any category, and IVA will help you with a fix. You won’t miss a single calendar event, thanks to IVA’s intelligence and memory.